Podcasts are so much more powerful than most people imagine. My little podcast, The Rebel’s Guide to Getting Married, has maybe 100-300 listeners depending on how passionately I share it, but the simple act of recording helpful podcast episodes has booked me weddings in Europe, the USA, around Australia, and last week a couple booked me for their wedding in Orlando. I am travelling to Florida because someone heard me on a podcast.

If you want that kind of influence, let’s dive into today’s challenge.

We’re going to re-purpose yesterday’s re-purposed trash today as a podcast, how easy is this!

Go back over yesterday’s post that you found in your emails or social media where you replied to someone’s question with a really helpful reply.

You replied as an expert, because you are an expert!

So let’s put on our expert pants and our expert hat, and pretend we really are the expert we are , by recording a podcast episode. You might not be the radio host you think you need to be to record a podcast, but you’re an expert, and that’s all we need right now.

Open up your Anchor app, and tap that + button and get ready to record.

The episode is going to look like this:

  1. Introduce yourself like you did a few days ago
  2. Then make the bold and beautiful claim: and welcome to MY podcast!
  3. Slip straight into the question: “Taylor asked …” and then read out what Taylor asked.
  4. Give your answer, in verbatim. So pretend Taylor is having a coffee with you and you’re replying to Taylor like both of you have nowhere to be.
  5. Thank everyone for listening and wrap up with maybe a website URL and email if listeners have questions.

And look at that, you’re a podcaster. Get that share link and share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn!

Bonus points if you’ve setup your Anchor to share your podcast on all of the other podcast networks like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

If you’ve set it up to share to Spotify, then do a search for your name in Spotify, open your podcast and share it from Spotify to your Instagram stories!

Share it on your social networks with the hashtag #celebrantinstitute and also link it up in the comments so we can all listen and rate it!