Celebrant Training and Professional Development Courses

Education is what you needed to do to become a celebrant. For many of us, it has been the Certificate IV in Celebrancy, for others, the various pathways into celebrancy that allowed us the accreditation and authorisation as a celebrant.

Education for a credential exchanges drive, excellence, and sustainability for compliance and certification for this credential. An institution can educate you, and if you want the Certificate IV in Celebrancy, we’d love to talk to you about it.

Professional development is about learning, not education. Education got you here, professional development will get you to where you want to be. Learning can’t be done to you. It is a choice and it requires active participation, not simple adherence to laws and guidelines.

We created the Celebrant Institute to make an opportunity for intentional learning. To create a space for the crazy celebrants, the ones who dared to excel, grow, lead, and influence our celebrancy community and the wedding industry.

We hope these professional development courses to help you achieve these goals.

OPD or PD?

With the ongoing professional development program now firmly in the hands of the Attorney-General’s Department, your complete legal responsibility to complete OPD is with them now. We are liberated to provide professional development at your, and our, own pace, in a format and on a topic that we believe is beneficial and helpful for professional celebrants running sustainable businesses.

Self-paced courses

Each course can be completed and accessed at your own pace, for as long as we offer that course

Unlimited access

You can access and re-access the course as often as you want for as long as we offer it

At a time and place that suits you

Offered online with video and workbook content so you get to choose when you do the PD, where, and how

Follow-up mentoring and coaching available

Follow-up coaching and mentoring on an hourly basis is available

How to get a shortening of time

Learn how to navigate a shortening of time for a Notice of Intended Marriage, and how you can best help your clients if they are eligible.

Become a funeral celebrant

Learn how to become a funeral professional running a sustainable funeral practice with Sarah Aird.

Marriage law refresher

Revisit Australian marriage law as applicable to authorised Commonwealth marriage celebrants. Become an expert in your trade! Available as a basics course, or an uncommon extras course, or bundled together

Completing the legal forms

With the 2021 update of the marriage forms and paperwork, this is a course on how to complete them properly.

The Marriage Client Journey

Learn how Sarah Aird manages her clients’ journey so all receive a consistent, high-quality customer celebrant experience.

Helping with prospective marriage visa

Learn how to help your couples in their application for a prospective marriage visa.

Co-piloting a marriage ceremony

Learn how to share the stage with a friend or family member of the couple, whilst you’re still the authorised celebrant