Who would ever think that there would be a need for an International Day for Nutella to raise awareness of the delicious nutty goodness?

Sara Rosso did.

After enjoying the spread in Italy, she would take jars home to her American friends and family, where she found that most people didn’t know it existed.

So she started Nutella Day, almost got shut down, and then Nutella creator, Ferrero, got on boar (crazy that it took them that long).

We all experience good things in our lives every day, and most of the other people on the planet do not know about them.

So it’s pretty much our God-given mission to spread the good word – of other awesome people (or nutty spreads).

Today’s challenge is to think of someone, a person or business, relevant to your target demographic, and to find as many ways as you can to tell the world about them. Today’s content challenge is to write and speak about someone who isn’t you.

There’s a number of benefits to doing this:

  1. It’s the wind underneath your wings – being generous is the only thing keeping the earth spinning (that and gravity).
  2. It’s a modern day form of networking.
  3. It’s shows your relevance to your target market, by referring other people it is an indicator of community and caring.
  4. Guess what, if you say nice things about people … it’s highly likely they’ll say nice things about you.
  5. It’s just plain old good to do.

Your to-do list:

  • Write a post for at least one social network, if not all of them, about how this other person or business is relevant.
  • Find them on Facebook, Google, Yelp, etc, and find the official rating and reviewing function of that network and leave them a positive review.
  • Find a few relevant posts of theirs and leave a comment on that post. Not just any comment. A two-line comment at the bare minimum.

Post with the hashtag #celebrantinstitute and comment with your successes!