In computer programming there’s a method of program called Object Oriented Programming, which recognises that some parts of the program are reused a lot. The programmers write the code once, then reuse it every time they need it.

Today we’re going to find that common reply you type into your email client. That question you always get asked, then we’ll ask it once and for all, in a blog post.

There’s a few reasons for doing this:

  1. It’s obviously a hot topic, so getting that information out of your head and into a blog post will bring all the Google and SEO blessings.
  2. It saves you having to retype it again the next time someone asks.
  3. It’s obviously good content, so let’s blog it then share it on the other platforms.

My example

A common question I’m asked is about how to be a good wedding MC, for example:

James isn’t the first person to ask this question, so I put all of my thoughts on the topic into a blog post here:

As a wise guy once said, go and do likewise.

Find that commonly asked question, and write a “reply” in the form of a helpful blog post either on your own blog, or if you don’t have one, write it on Medium.

Then share it around on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and maybe even grab a pull quote or an appropriate image to share on Instagram and in the caption give a little tease then say to check out the blog post now. We’d love to see your posts in the comments of this post too!

Bonus points

If you’re feeling a little bit adventurous, repurpose this content as a LinkedIn Article, and either a Facebook Instant Article if you have access, or if not, simply as a Facebook Post.