Today’s challenge is an easy one, you already know everything about it, the key to the challenge though is

  1. Articulating it,
  2. Telling it, and
  3. Sharing it to as many mediums as possible

Today we’re telling your genesis story, the story of how you started, why you started, and how you felt you could do something important and different.

Articulating your story

I find telling stories easiest when I actually tell someone. So whether it’s to a real person, or to a camera, or call a friend and ask them if you can tell the story about how and why you became a celebrant to them on the phone so that you can try and articulate it on the phone to them.

You want to be able to articulate the moment you decided your become a celebrant, and hopefully that moment is still relevant today in regards to encouraging people to book you as their celebrant today.

Maybe jot the story down into 3-5 bullet points, so you have a framework written down, and in your head.

You need to be able to explain how there was a before time, and you weren’t a celebrant, but there was a moment where everything changed for you, and then you did a thing and some more things, and now you’re a celebrant, and now it’s 2020. Basically wrapping up your life’s work into a 2-3 minute chat.

Telling it

I would start by recording it as a video, it’s a great story to tell over video, but if you’re not comfortable with it as a video, at least record the audio, and release it as a podcast on Anchor.

Once you have a video or audio recording of the story, transcribe (write) that down into a blog post style bunch of text. Post that on your own blog or Medium.

Then edit it down so it fits the text format of each social network, Twitter will need it to be 280 characters whilst Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, will give you more time.

Post the story everywhere, at the same time, just drop it onto every social network and broadcast network you can access. Tell the world your “In the beginning story”, your genesis story.

As always we want to see your posts, so tag them with the hashtag #celebrantinstitute so we can see and share them, and also comment below with some links!