It’s a weird world in 2020, one where our workload has significantly decreased, yet in other less familiar ways, our workload has increased dramatically with postponements, court dates, cancellations, emails, sending many of us into a spiral of lots more work that isn’t really earning us any more money or love. I’ve seen a few of my colleagues fall pray to this, and even I am finding myself identify as the “W word”, that word that some hold as a proud title, and some fear becoming.

Workaholic. Are you on?

No wedding or funeral is worth the long-term effects and consequences of de-prioritising your own health before others, and there’s an ever-increasing amount of research and evidence that tells us that prioritising work over health and family is a terrible idea.

Jon Saddington, at, who writes about online community building and management, wrote about this topic this week which prompted me to bring it to you. In his email he shared an “Are you a workaholic” activity, and I think it’s be value activity for you to complete as well.

Are you a workaholic

If you checked five or more, maybe take a moment to reflect on how your longterm health will be more valuable to you, your family and friends, and your clients – far more than working too hard today.