Today’s challenge is to find something boring (like a carrot) yet necessary (like vegetables are for your diet) in your business that people really ought to know about, and to serve it up as informative, relevant, educational, possibly demonstrable, and maybe even entertaining content to your social media channels, like carrot cake.

Find the carrot, and then make a carrot cake out of it.

For example, as a marriage celebrant, the most boring yet necessary thing to communicate to people is the legal stuff. I could choose from any of these possible topics from the thousands of boring things inside the scope of being a celebrant:

  • How much time is legally needed to get married?
  • Who can witness the signatures on that form?
  • Who can witness a marriage certificate?
  • How do you get a marriage license? (Trick question!)
  • What do you legally need to say in a wedding ceremony?
  • How to change your name after marriage?

I might choose “How do you get a marriage license?” as my carrot.

So my carrot cake might be:

We’ve seen so much American TV that so many Aussies ask me how to get their marriage license. So here’s my comprehensive guide to applying for, and getting, a marriage license in the Commonwealth of Australia.

You don’t.

You see, the concept of a marriage license is not an Australian one, and unfortunately in Australia we need to adhere to Australian law. Aussie marriage law doesn’t need you to get a license from the government to marry, instead, you simply need to find a marriage celebrant (I know a guy) and give them more than one month’s notice via a form they’ll help you fill out. Simples!


So find your carrot and make a cake, then you get to choose where to post it today. Which of the social networks have you liked most? Do you want to experiment with a different format you’re not 100% familiar with? Go forth and post your carrot cake in a format of your choosing, to a network of your choosing. Then share it in the comments below.

Bonus homework

Post this content on Twitter, then share a screenshot of that tweet on the other networks like Instagram as a post or a story.