Your challenge today is to create an entertaining meme. Not an educational meme, or an instructional meme, or a demonstratable meme.

Today we meme for fun.

The best person to make fun of is yourself, because it’s rare that will land you in court – the legal kind or the kind of public opinion.

Richard Dawkins defined a meme as “an idea, behaviour or style that spreads from person to person within a culture”. Emphasis on the idea, behaviour, and style – with room for your creativity in your own culture.

Today your challenge is to spread an idea within a culture using the modern day meme format. I’m going with this Uno Draw 25 meme.

Luckily I found the blank original template for it, Google for meme templates for a start.

The culture that all of us are in right now, is one where I am emailing you ever day with a challenge of content creation.

So let me transfix that idea onto this style or behaviour.

It’s ok to Google a meme to find out what the joke is. The Uno joke is that you can choose to pick up 25 or do an action, and the second slide shows that the person chose to pick up 25.

It’s funny because the action is something you don’t want to do.

So here’s my contribution. Go and make yours.