There are five different kinds of good content. Before you click post on anything, ever, forever, it should be at least one. If it’s two, you might get a like, three and you’re having a party, four and you just put a hashtag in front of the word winning.


Today your challenge is to post something relevant to your audience. The audience you want to attract, the people you hope would engage with you.

What issues and problems are they facing today, and how can you join that existing conversation.

Imagine all of us, your target demographic, are at the bar having a big deep conversation over a current pressing issue in our lives, and you saunter on up with a beer in your hand like you’ve been there all along – what do you say?

That’s today’s challenge, on the medium and the network of your choosing, post a relevant piece of content.

Here’s a recent post from me that I think was really relevant, about live streaming weddings.