Today you get a rare and direct peek into my brain. This next diagram explains how I think about content.

Wheel of content

It’s never about Facebook or Instagram, never has been, never will be. This is about something far more important for the human race, for your life, happiness, and your business – and its sustainability.

This is about the story, the relevant, informative, entertaining, helpful, educational, demonstratable, personal, important, meaningful, life changing story.

I develop a story, it’s already pre-existing, I just need to wring it out of my mind and my life and put it down in front of me.

Then I think about which medium or mediums suits that story the best. Is it a good podcast, or a blog post, or both?

Then I think about where to post it. Who is on each platform and will they care?

Today’s challenge is to follow this process, wring a story from your mind and put it through the wheel of content.