Making lemonade out of lemons is a popular story, obviously backed by Big Lemonade, but it encourages us to make our proverbial lemonade out of the lemons we’re presented with in life.

For day one of the 2020 social media challenge, your job today is to find a story in your celebrancy life where you have made lemonade from lemons, where you’ve turned something not-so-good, into something good.

Step one, find the story

Some people open a social network app and think about what to post there, we’re turning that idea on it’s head. We’re going to work on the story, then figure out where to post it.

So, open up your favourite notes or writing app, and tap out a few words about how something not-so-good happened in recent times and you turned it into something positive. Just get the guts of the story down, these words might not even be published.

Maybe you learnt a new skill from the event, or someone involved serendipitously benefited anyway.

It might have even resulted in a bad review or a complaint. The important part is that we end up at lemonade. Something sweet that everyone can enjoy, a story arc that we can all go on together.

The best stories – in a world full of fake news, hot bodies posing at just the right angle, or cool people doing cool things in cool places – are the real stories of simply existing on planet earth.

And if you can take that melancholy moment and turn it into lemonade you’ve got today’s content.

So write it out in a few words so all of your thoughts are collected, then come back to this challenge.

Step 2, tell the story

Is the story visual? Do you have photographic or graphic accompanying evidence to help tell the story?

Is it a video? If so, how long, is it a short 15-60 second video, or longer than a minute?

Do you feel confident telling the story in a video, or a podcast?

The key here is to find a medium you can excel in, and marrying that list of talents with the medium best suited for the story.


Figure out which mediums you excel at: text, video, audio, and/or photo, and then think about the story and which medium would work well for that story arc, mix them together, publish it where it fits, and comment with a link so we can see your fruits!

Post with the hashtag #celebrantinstitute so we can find, like, comment, and share your posts.