I’m willing to bet that you have received a question about what you do before today, and you’ve hit reply with a really good answer.

Let’s find that email, or that instant message, or that reply to a post.

Screenshot it, share it around.

Here’s my example:

This is a question asked in a Facebook group I’m in. It’s a super relevant question to most of the people that would interact with my business, and I think my answer was pretty good too.

I started “drawing in white” aka erasing, the profile photo and name away but then realised I could just crop it out in Preview on my Mac. So I’ve now anonymised the post, it’s not incriminating or identifiable as the original poster (OP) and my comment is also easily understood in context to the original post.

Here it lives on Twitter.

So go and dive into the dumpster that is your inbox, and social media accounts, find that golden nugget from a recent conversation, and let’s repurpose that as a really quick and easy post, whilst still being helpful as ever.


Share the content wherever, and everywhere, you feel comfortable sharing it, with the hashtag #celebrantinstitute and then also share a link in the comments so we can engage with it!