I married a couple recently and the bride had one of those names where there was a few different ways it could possibly be pronounced. In that situation, when we first meet, I introduce myself with my name, and expect the same in return, I’ll then note how they pronounce their own name. But she didn’t!

I feel the same way about business.

When you meet me for the first time I shouldn’t expect that you know who I am or what I do. Even if you know I’m a celebrant, I’m not just any kind of celebrant, I’m Josh Withers. It is my responsibility to pronounce to you what I do, how I do it, and how it is different to what you possibly could be expecting.

Do you do that?

In your Instagram bio?

On your website?

In your marketing?

When you first meet people?

Do you pronounce your ideals, methodologies, your brand, your worldview to people.

Or do you just expect they’ll know? Because they don’t