If you’re not already familiar with the reason why, when faced with two cafes next to each other most of us will choose the busier cafe, the reason is social proof.

We don’t want to have a bad coffee or meal, and we’re unsure about cafe number two, but cafe number one has lots of people in it, so that seems like the safer choice.

Even if it’s not the safer choice, by way of feet through the door and dollars through the cash register, in the end, cafe number one will become the better cafe.

We see the busy cafe and think that the product must be good, and the deal must be good, simply because everyone else is in there.

What if you’re the cafe owner?

If you’re the cafe owner, your first and real job is to get people through the door. Keeping them there is a good work as well, but developing the social proof that you’re a cafe worth visiting is the hard work you have ahead of you. Once people are in the door and spending then you just need to maintain that hamster wheel of revenue by creating a good product at a good price that people actually want.

But the first step is being the busy cafe.

What if you’re a celebrant?

Businesses like us that don’t operate out of a storefront have such an advantage in 2020, we have social media, our websites, our blogs, and youtube channels.

Now more than ever it’s harder to fake it, but if you legitimately have “people walking through your doors” aka people getting married, meeting you, emailing you, share that story.

I’m not going to put words in your mouth, but maybe your next few social media posts could have the heartbeat of a busy cafe, letting the world know that other people like you as a celebrant. Create some social proof that you’re worth hiring.