Anka asks

I’m wanting to start blogging this year and making myself known as the “celebrant in the know” within my area with some personality thrown in as well but I’m not sure exactly how to start? Any suggestions or topics?

This is another fantastic question Anka, and the answer is simple and complicated at the same time.

You’ve identified blogging as a possible area for content creation, and I’d encourage you into it as well into other areas that match up with your personality type. If you’re a speaker, speak into a podcast, if you thrive on video, make videos, if you love to write, write.

The key isn’t the medium, but the message. Make sure your message is one that matters, a message that the community needs to hear. No-one’s trawling the web looking for selfish, useless, unhelpful content.

I could talk on this topic for ages, and we will be at the conference on the Gold Coast in August, but between now and then, devour this content deck from Gary Vaynerchuck, it’s the real deal.