Communicating value, selling your services, and convincing couples you’re worth your fee, is all hard work. Sometimes we discover psychological tricks to lubricate that process, things that can make it easier.

Today’s introduction to that list of sales tricks is the Zero Price Effect.

Using the word “free” touches a nerve that many other words can’t. Studies have shown that we tend to discard rational analysis when there’s an element of “free” present in the equation.

Free shipping is a well-proven sales method that blows my mind. Surely we all know that there is no such thing as free shipping, that the price of shipping is just included in the price, but:

  • it’s the second most cited reason why people subscribe to Amazon Prime
  • it can improve average order value by as much as 90% as consumers attempt to hit the free shipping threshold

Here are three ways you can use the word free in your celebrancy marketing:

Free something that isn’t related to money

The key issuing the word, not necessarily losing money. Fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free are good examples.

What do you not include on purpose in your product offering?

Providing something that actually is free

When you signed up to become a member of this website you probably did it via a free trial. Providing free value at no cost is a simple way of getting people in the door. Keep in mind though, this is the most abused, and the easiest to mis-use.

Bundle it up for free

You’re familiar with the free steak knives concept/joke right? That’s this method. If they book package three, they get a free thing. Bundle it up and use the word free.

That one simple word – free – is going to get you more sales, so go and deploy it!