Google, in light of legislation being introduced in Australia, has threatened to pull out of the Australian market. I’m sure they won’t, if only because they won’t walk away and leave $59 billion of income on the table and destroy the trust in their brand over a couple of dollars being paid to news organisations.

But it’s an interesting thought process I’d put to you.

How would your business survive if there was no Google? Would your clients use Bing? Or DuckDuckGo? Or would they ask Siri? Or would they ask Alexa?

What if Facebook also went away tomorrow? Would your leads dry up?

If Instagram stopped being Instagram tomorrow, would your business go bankrupt like many influencers’ would?

Setup a moat between all of these large tech companies and your business. It’s ok to do business with them, and have a Google listing, or a Facebook page, but make sure you’re not leaning too heavily on any one business. Be independent, strong, and wise.

Don’t be the business that was all in on Google, and when Google has a hissy-fit, you go down with the ship.

Choose to put your eggs in different baskets.