I thought I’d share a quick and small story about a wedding I didn’t get booked for.

The couple follow me on social media, had checked out my website and information pack, and I feel they had a general vibe for who I am and what I do.

They didn’t book me because they found a male celebrant who lived in the same city as them and charged the same price I do.

In their words, they got the same thing but without $750 travel expenses.

That other celebrant is a fine celebrant, good guy, but they had no connection to him, his social media presence is actually really weak, with a small number of followers and less than a handful of posts from 2019.

But the couple thought he was the same deal as me because the local price was the same.

Your price is part of your story, it’s part of your marketing message.

When you say you are this much, you’re saying who you are. Who are you?