I’m eventually going to start sounding like a broken record, but we all need to get it into our head: ads as we used to know them no longer work.

People hate ads.

More to that point, when was the last time you clicked an ad? When was the last time you were watching a funny Facebook video, which was interrupted by an ad, and felt positively about that experience, felt positively about the advertiser, and then gone on to purchase the product or service?

When was the last time you were encouraged to spend money by an ad?

And if you aren’t clicking on ads, watching ads, and spending money because of ads, who is?

27% of internet users literally have pieces of software installed called adblockers which block ads.

There’s a better way

Tell your story to people who want to hear it. Let them know what you do so well that they can’t get it anywhere else. Tell them about your strengths and weaknesses, become vulnerable, and invest in them as they invest as you.

This is real life.

People want friends at their weddings, not slaves or nobodies.