Bernadatte writes one of my favourite blogs, called The Story of Telling.

In a recent post she asked the question “What stories are you forgetting to tell?”

Often our best stories are the ones that seem insignificant to us. We take the things we do well for granted. We forget that what’s simple to us might be insightful for others. We become accustomed to doing the work without celebrating or showing the results. And that’s a problem.

If we don’t articulate and share our strengths, how will our right people know?

If we don’t show people how we can help them, how will they know to ask for our help?

If we don’t communicate our value, how will our work become valued?

And if we don’t practice understanding our strengths, how will we build on them?

Jump onto your Facebook page now and schedule up three posts for the next three days:

  1. Tell a story with a photo about the work you’re most proud of.
  2. Tell a story about how a couple felt after your work.
  3. Tells a story about something you’ve learned recently.

There’s so many more prompts, but those three are a start. Jump into the comments and share your stories as well. As we hear each others stories they bring out stories in ourselves.

I’ll finish how I started, by quoting Bernadatte: “Your stories are more powerful than you think.”