Kylie asks:

I seem to remember in and OPD once that there was discussion on how payment must come from the couple direct to the celebrant, and not through a third party such as a venue, or a planner.
The vast majority of weddings in the Whitsundays are packaged up so the venue includes the celebrant fee and we invoice said company.
The OPD trainer suggested that it was in the Act that we are to receive direct from client however I couldn’t find this myself. Please help!
Recently one of the local wedding planners has become insolvent. Many brides and suppliers are hurting right now. The business for a small town was huge. Obviously if this is the law for payments to come from client to us direct, this is the perfect time for me to bring this to the attention of all other packaged celebrants, that we should un-package ourselves.
I have never seen anything in the current Marriage Act that even refers to payments between couples and celebrants, let alone dictates who it should or should not go to. In my personal view, it is definitely preferable that payment is made direct from couple to celebrant, both for the reasons the Whitsundays suppliers are suffering through at the moment, and also because it cements that the relationship is between the couple and the celebrant and no one else, and that can be important for the legal stuff. But I’m 99% sure there’s nothing in the Marriage Act or Regulations to that effect; if someone knows of something I’ve missed, please let me know!

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