Some of you will have been following my post about the updated guidance received on the one month notice period. If you haven’t had a chance, feel free to review it before you read on. 

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that this morning at 11.40am I received the following email from the AFCC (of which I’m a member):

The Marriage Law and Celebrants Section (MLCS) of the Attorney-General’s Department hosted a teleconference in regard to the recent advice provided on giving one (1) month notice this morning, which Irene Harrington, Stacey Maguire and Ant Burke participated.

Following an approach by Associations and many celebrants, the MLCS sought further clarification from the Office of Corporate Counsel in regard to their previous legal advice.

This has now been reviewed and the MLCS have advised the recent legal advice was incorrect and the original interpretation on the one month period still stands as reflected in the current Guidelines [emphasis added]. In other words, celebrants should apply the one (1) month notice period as previously applied.

The MLCS will host further teleconferences today with the various BDMs, RTO’s and OPD training organisations to advise the above and will then forward a new draft fact sheet to Associations for review before sending it to all celebrants soon after. 

I would like to thank all AFCC members who made contact directly with the MLCS as requested to express their concern, as this ensured the outcome now achieved.

I am absolutely floored that the AGD has backed down on this, but completely delighted. People power actually works! I’m absolutely not the only person who fought this new guidance, but I’m still feeling pretty chuffed at having played a part in common sense prevailing.