The Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria, all have their own online systems for logging in online and submitting marriage paperwork electronically.

For almost every other BDM in Australia you’re left with an envelope, a postage stamp, plus a hope and a prayer as Australia Post physically and delicately transports the marriage paperwork from your office to the registrar.

In the Australian Capital Territory they have met us half way.

With only 1,562 marriages being registered in the ACT in 2018, that leaves the BDM about 6 marriages per business day to process, compared to the 156 per business day NSW BDM has to process.

Building a system like BDM Online for Queensland, Lifeline for New South Wales, or RIO for Victoria, is a big dollar event, involving multiple full time staff and developers for many years, so I understand ACT’s reluctance to buy in on a system today when one day soon there’ll probably be an off-the-shelf product for them to buy instead of develop and screw up like the other states.

So, for marriages solemnised in the ACT they have made it really easy.

How to register a marriage electronically in the ACT

Once you have solemnised a marriage in the Australian Capital Territory, and you would like to electronically submit the marriage paperwork, within two weeks of the marriage ceremony taking place, simply attach the NOIM, Declaration, and Official Certificate of Marriage, along with any other necessary paperwork you might need to submit, to an email addressed to:

[email protected]