Nat asks an excellent question that I’ve come across a few times:

How do you lock down clear processes for legals? I often have the issue of legals being pushed to a short and sweet without them paying for that. I respond to all legals only enquiries with clear dot points – where they occur, when and how long, what it entails etc. it almost ALWAYS though ends up with the couple angling for it occurring in a park/ air bnb etc. That’s fine- I add to my quote if that suits me however then it’s ‘oh only 5 minutes?’ Even after they’ve agreed to the terms of the service. I’m happy for them to add their personal vows etc but I don’t know how much clearer I can be about the bare bones wording. This happens to me all the time and I feel like I’m ripping them off when I get this response (when I’m not). Any advice on wording/ making it clearer? I hate the thinly veiled shock that they’re not having a ‘ceremony’ on the day.