Jano le Roux, a copywriter, has done a deep dive on the marketing surrounding the new iPhone 14. Words matter, and they’ve pulled the Apple copywriting apart to show how it matters to the average Joe like you and me who will pony up for a new phone:

You are the hero in Apple’s story.

You. You. You.

Apple uses the three letters “you”:

  • 89 times on the iPhone 14 page
  • 93 times on the iPhone 14 Pro page

It’s not a photo. It’s your photo. It’s not a font. It’s your font. It’s not widgets. It’s your widgets. And most importantly, it is not an iPhone.

It is your iPhone.

They go further:

Many brands out there make big promises.

Apple takes a different route.

Instead of promising things, it proves things because it knows:

  • Trust does not live in promises.
  • Trust lives in proof.

So instead Apple literally shows you what they mean.

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