Liene at Think Splendid shares five powerfully simple ways to get more enquiries to your wedding celebrant business today. They’re so simple that you are hopefully already doing them, or if you’re not, this is a quick and swift reminder.

What is the simple call to action on your website

The whole point of your website is to start conversations with people that might hopefully book you. If the conversation opener doesn’t have a simple call to action that conversation might never get off the ground. Imagine meeting someone on the street and you say hello, and they reply “How are you? Are you good? What’s happening? Is your mother ok? Why are you out of the house? Can I borrow five dollars? What’s with the weather?” The conversation is off to a rocky start already, not only are there seven questions answered, and you don’t want to answer half of them, your view of this person is one of confusion and misunderstanding.