In a post yesterday I described the hard work of finding your ‘Almost Nobody’.

This, I argue, is your life’s work, and something that will forever be changing. A good example of me doing that work in my own business is by filtering out the ‘Everybody’ and making room for the ‘Almost Nobody’ to feel comfortable on my social media.

This Facebook post on my business page is a solid example of me filtering out Everybody, letting them know I am not the celebrant for them if they find this offensive. Yet in the same action, telling the Almost Nobody’s of this world that I might just be the kind of celebrant they are looking for.

Because I shared authentically, I shared my story, and I shared my heartbeat.

The key isn’t just the post, but the conversation in the comments. Welcoming people in, joining the conversation, sharing your heart, and being kind to those who disagree.

Authenticity is what social media is lacking today. Go and bare your soul on your Facebook page today.