Gail asks:

Sooo… your couple love you and want to leave a review! Where is the best place/s for them leave this review to really market your business and what links would you send them?

There are three reasons for getting reviews and testimonials, and those reasons flow into where we should get them.

Firstly, we want reviews to prove to other people that we “do what it says on the box.” What I mean by that is that we’re providing evidence or proof that we do what we say we do. So collecting those reviews and publishing them on our social media and on our own websites are powerful marketing tools.

Secondly, we want reviews in places where real life humans that might book us will be looking for reviews of us. These places will always be slightly changing, but today I would strongly argue that regular Aussies are looking for reviews on marriage celebrants in: Facebook and Google. On your Facebook page make sure you have recommendations and reviews enabled, and do the same on your GMB (Google My Business) app.

Finally, we want reviews where Google and other search engines like Bing, Siri, and Alexa, can find them. Facebook Recommendations and Google My Business reviews definitely fit this list, but I’ll add Yelp, WOMO,, and Trust Pilot. If you can convince people to visit those extra websites, you’ll be adding to your SEO juice and having a win at the same time!