Josh here, and I’m looking for a celebrant.

I’m guessing it’s not you, because the celebrant needs to be able to get to Orlando in January to cover for me, because it looks like I won’t be able to get there.

And I’ve got a problem. The celebrants I’m finding in America (or officiants if you prefer) make it really hard to figure out what kind of person they are.
I’m scrolling through directories, and search listings, and they all have photos of couples, photos of rings or flowers. They have whispy logos that look like they’re torn straight out of Hello May, and some that look like they’re straight out of MS WordArt.

Barely any mention name, they’re all going for the SEO hits by branding themselves as “Region Name Best Celebrant” – stop f’ing doing this guys, it’s lovely that you’re on the Gold Coast and you’re the best, but just say your name.

Just be you.

This is a call to action for celebrants and officiants in Orlando, but honestly, it goes out to all of you. Stop with the AAA Best Celebrant branding and pictures from stock photo websites. Call yourself your name. Identify yourself with a hot photo of yourself. Pay a photographer to make a hot photo of yourself.

Just be you. It’s ok to be you. You’re great, we love you, people want to book you …. if only they could find you through all of the branding BS.