Would you follow yourself on social media?

If you saw that a friend of yours commented on one of your posts so it floated up to your news feed, and you clicked through to your profile, would you follow it?

If you stumbled across one of your videos online, would you watch it to the end? Would you click through to see if there were more videos to watch?

If you Googled for something to do with your wedding and you found your blog, would you read that article? Then would you go back to the main blog page and start reading other articles?

If you saw one of your social media photos, would you look at that photo, like it, and hope there were more photos like that?

If you were looking for a celebrant, and you visited your website, would you enquire with you?

If you didn’t know your name or what you looked like, would you be able to find that out on your social media profiles or on your website?

Would you pay you a lot of money to marry you?

Would you follow you?