Alinta asks:

I am going to take up the gypsy/not-yet-too-grey nomad life for a year or so and I wonder if it would be possible to be a sort of travelling celebrant? We will be travelling in a substantial caravan and aren’t intending to be too structured about our timing so that we can follow our hearts and interests… Any thoughts or suggestions on if this would work?

One of the unmovable things about the wedding industry, is that as a wedding vendor you are being booked for someone’s wedding.

As small or as large as it could be, it’s one couple’s important and valuable day.

So trying to get those same people who’s wedding is the only wedding in existence as far as they’re concerned, to bend to your will is hard.

But if I was trying to take up the gypsy lifestyle, here’s what I’d do:

  1. Invest a lot of work, effort, and money into identifying what kind of celebrant I am, and what kind of people would book me. It’s about figuring out what makes you different, because celebrants who are aware of, and market to, their differences, are the ones who are in demand. It’s about having a communicable point of difference that enough people would care about.
  2. Set some firm travel dates. The gypsy lifestyle is great, but wedding clients need some kind of assurance that you will be available for their wedding in a certain location. If I was doing a year of travel, I’d plan for a region per month. Mayne January in Tasmania, February in the Adelaide region, and so on.
  3. Publish a simple guide. With those dates I’d publish a simple page on my website and brand it nicely, letting people know where you’ll be and when.
  4. Go hard on social media. With all of that information and the travel page on your website I would start telling this story on social media. Not only the story of your travel, but the story of your difference. Own it and start booking.