This afternoon a couple got engaged and they have never heard of you, they’ve not made any decisions about their wedding, and it’s highly likely they don’t know anything about the wedding industry, how it works, what things cost, and who does what.

The only thing you can rely on in the wedding industry is that today a couple got engaged and all of your previous branding, marketing, advertising, and godowill in the market means nothing.

That’s the greatest opportunity in the wedding business and also it’s greatest issue. That every day we need to market ourselves and advertise afresh.

How to respond to this?

Marketing yourself in the wedding industry is a marathon, not a race. Every day you need to invest in your marketing and branding efforts. You can’t do it all in January, or July. It’s an every day, just a little bit of work.

And if you messed up yesterday, or skipped a beat last week, then it’s ok, today is a new day, keep on trying.