In the beginning there was the text, and the text was good. It was all we knew. We called it ASCII, ASCII codes represent text in computers. When I first used a personal computer in 1991 “computer graphics” were mostly just text in the shape of graphics, like this was a shrug:


And despite us inventing all of the great technologies that allow us to view videos, blogs, photos, and the rest online, in today’s challenge, we’re sticking with the original: text.

Today’s challenge is a short and sweet text post on at least Facebook, and hopefully Twitter and LinkedIn as well.

The parameters for today’s challenge is for the post to be a minimum of 30 characters, a maximum of 80.

Say something relevant, educational, entertaining, informative, in 80 characters. Make a statement inside the confines of it being more than 29 letters and spaces, and less than 81.

To help you count, type it into then copy and paste into the social networks.

Bonus challenge: Make it a question. It can be any question that’s relevant to your brand, but the only thing it can’t be is “Ask me anything” … or the fantastic pun from the headline of this article, “ASCII Me Anything”.

Here’s what I did: