If you’re feeling a bit stuck on what to post on your blog, or social media, or both, here’s seven content ideas you can easily write right now. Then schedule them up to drop every day, and watch your online personal brand grow!

1. Recycle an old piece of content that went well

Do you remember that post, or photo, article, or infographic you posted last month, or last year (maybe the year before that), and it really resonated with the masses?

Open that up, put it on one side of your computer monitor, and open a blank page on the other. Read the piece, and re-write it. The same story, same information, same gist, but with slightly different words, maybe the story is rearranged a little. It’s the same information, but a different sell. Maybe it’s the edit or the re-write you’d hoped to have done at the time.

Post that handcrafted, organic, homemade, recycled content and watch it flourish.

2. Share a screw-up

What’s something that you have messed up, something you’ve done wrong, or incorrectly, or poorly? What’s a mistake you’ve made that you’ve learned from? Post that story and bookend it with how it matters to your couples, and how yo’ve learned and become better.

3. Answer that question

What was the last DM, email, text from a client – or maybe they asked it in a meeting – that is something lots of people are asking their celebrant? Write up the question and the answer and post it!

4. Educate couples about celebrants

More people than you could ever understand still don’t know that civil celebrants exist, and what we do, and how we work. My mentor in radio taught me to assume that my audience were the stupidest people alive, but to treat them with the upmost respect, so imagine your audience know nothing about the Marriage Act, and they don’t know you, and they don’t know what you make. Go forth and educate.

5. Debunk some myths

You know those things people think are facts but they’re 100% made up? Debunk them! Preach the truth.

6. Start a regular content habit

Habits and rituals help our brain simply work. Find a content habit, ritual, regular feature that works for you. Maybe it’s every Tuesday you post a taco photo – purely because you love tacos, not because you’re a celebrant – or every Wednesday you post a review for Review Wednesday, and you review local vendors, venues, and wedding creators.

Schedule it in your calendar and create an expectation in your audience.

7. Be humble

So much of our content is about us, make one about someone else. Share your love and your passion with your audience, in a way that is humble, in a way that is lifting up someone else. Generosity always wins.