Haley asks:

I have a bride that is divorced but still goes by her previous spouse’s surname. In regards to moving forward and taking on the new spouses name – does she have to go through any special process or will she just go to her organisations and show her divorce cert, and new marriage certificate to change to her new surname?

In regards to the paperwork NOIM etc – if she shows me her birth certificate, but a passport/drivers licence with her previous married surname – as long as I’m satisfied that it is the same person, and she is who she says she is, does it matter? And i fill out the documentation with her maiden name?

To change her name after this marriage she’ll just need to do exactly what you’ve described; show her new marriage certificate (not even her divorce certificate!) to all the organisations with her name on file.
You need to sight her birth certificate (e.g. in Jane Smith), her marriage certificate (e.g. to show Jane Smith married Tom Brown), her divorce certificate (to show that Jane Brown divorced Tom Brown), and her current photo ID (in the name Jane Brown) to show that the birth certificate for Jane Smith belongs to the person sitting in front of you, Jane Brown. Then you can use her maiden name on the paperwork. If she’s happy to get married in her previous married name, and she has a passport in that name, then you don’t need to see her birth certificate or her marriage certificate.