Just a quick note for members of the Celebrant Institute, your membership management, updating of cards, changing plans, logging in, and just using it, has become a whole lot easier.

It’s involved four weeks of work on my behalf to finally figure out how to move everyone from our old system, Membermouse, to our new system, Memberful, but we did it.

We changed system because

  1. About half of you weren’t actually paying for your membership because of a Membermouse bug
  2. If we wanted to do cool things like the giving everyone two free months of membership through COVID with the old system it was literally a few days work. Giving everyone two months membership actually cost us way more than I imagined.
  3. Whenever you needed to change credit card, or if you wanted to change from monthly to annual membership to save some money, it was so much work.

So now it’s done.

You’ll notice a few little cosmetic changes to the website, but some members may need to:

  • Enter or update credit card details
  • Reset passwords
  • Or re-join completely

Hopefully those three options are fairly clear to you, but if they aren’t, you’ve got our email address.