Every few weeks contractors hit my suburb with a vengeance, lawn mowers, whipper snippers, blowers, the lot and for the next week the grass is low, but the streets are dirty.

Everyone knows they’ve visited, and all of us residents have mixed feelings about it because although they did the job they were asked to do, they left our homes messier than before. We are all able to remark on the mess they’ve left our suburb in.

Doing the job is one thing, leaving the place better than you found it is another, and delivering excellence where you do the job beyond expectations plus you left the wedding in a better place than anyone could have imagined should be the goal.

Delivering excellence is a remarkable action, an action that can be remarked on, that the people who witnessed it are able to remark on it.

We often think of our couples being able to remark on our excellence, and I hope they can, but I wonder what the family though? How can the guests remark on your efforts? Did the videographer leave the ceremony feeling blessed? Was the photographer enabled to make better photos because of your excellence?

This is the kind of work I want to create as a marriage celebrant: remarkable excellent work. That all who were there are able to remark of me well.

I hope you do the same.