If you’ve been wanting a way to spy on what other people in the wedding industry are doing with their Facebook Ads, here’s a very easy, open, and regulated way to do so.

Building an advert that works well is hard work, and honestly, the world doesn’t need more ads, it needs helpful content. But you can pay to boost that content and in Meta/Facebook we call that an ad.

High-performing ads are challenging to create and require a lot of testing in terms of what your audience likes to see. Competitor’s ad analysis is a smart way to know the winning strategies adopted by top brands of your industry. Your competitors have applied tons of resources into finding out their best-performing ads. So why not borrow the creative strategies from your competitor’s high-performing ads and customise them according to your unique selling proposition.

This can help you reduce the time you spend experimenting and testing ads, and also help you stand out by creating new and fresh content instead of copying.

How to do it

Facebook has added a “Page Transparency” section to every page (which earlier used to be called “Info and Ads.”)

Navigate to your someone’s Facebook page and go to the About section. Scroll down until you see a “Page Transparency” section within the left-side column.

To get more information on a broader spectrum of ads, or to get to the same information through a different vector, you can visit the Meta Ads Library.


There you can search for a specific Facebook Page name, or for a keyword.