Networking amongst your industry colleagues, other wedding people, like photographers, venue co-ordinators, planners, and others, is a vital part of being an active member of the wedding industry. For the longest time that’s why I went to wedding expos – not to meet couples, but to meet vendors.

In 2018 and beyond networking still remains vital, and those physical events like vendor nights, expos, and workshops are always going to be king – but they cost money and time, the two things we’re low on.

So if you want to network cheaply and effectively, here’s some food for thought – as you post on social media, you’re hoping it resonates with your audience, and my rough math tells me for every like or comment, 10 other people are exposed to the post by the news feed algorithms.

So if you like and comment on my post, 10 more people see it, and more people like and comment, and I think you’re a legend.

So why not do that to others. Follow local wedding vendors you’d like to network with, and genuinely like and comment posts of theirs that you like and have a comment on. Be nice, be positive, be encouraging, share advice or expert insight. Be you, actively on social media for a month, and I guarantee you that more people will know who you are.