Lauren asks:

I got this question from my bride and I’m second guessing myself! ‘Went up to the police station on Sunday and got this signed, but I just wanted to check before I send you the original…in the qualification section, is it fine that it just says police officer? I only realised when looking at it later that there is no section for the witness’ name or identification number or anything, so hoping this is ok!’

In short, absolutely fine! Lauren’s bride is absolutely correct; there’s nowhere on the current NOIM for a witness to a party’s signature to write their name or identification number. All it asks for is their qualification, and I simply want to see a qualification that matches one that’s in the list of authorised witnesses below the signature boxes.

I often get asked this question in relation to stamps as well, particularly with JPs and police officers; is it okay if the witness doesn’t stamp the NOIM? Again, absolutely fine. I can find no mention in the Marriage Act or the Marriage Regulations or the Guidelines of requiring a stamp to prove their authority to witness the signatures on the NOIM. All that’s required is that they sign it, date it, and write their occupation in the box 🙂