Get the low down on Sarah’s’ new Cert 4 in training with the Kick Start Session explained. Followed by the Marriage Celebrant Matters Autumn Newsletter Debrief. Josh gets a high five from all celebrants with the Electronic Transaction Act Commonwealth Legislation – Sighting ID over Skype. And lastly a big D&M session on the VIC BDM RIO System and how to get it working properly for you. Sarah is here to save us all!

2.30 Where we are both at this time as it is our first blog since December – Personal Info.
6.42 Sarah’s Cert 4 Training
8.29 Kick Start Session Explained – 5 Days face to face training with mx 20 people per class. Basically F2F is training then you have 12 months to complete the at home assessments. These include: Meeting, Paperwork, create ceremony and perform 5 weddings. 3 non marriage ceremonies: naming Day, Vow renewal & 80th birthday. 2 Memorials and 2 funerals. That’s 12 ceremonies in total and 10 performed.
11.27 500 to 600 hours to complete cert 4.
14.50 Explaining how everyone works differently and time varies for completion.
16.20 Discussions on choosing the right training courses to better equip you as a celebrant – not just price.
18.59 Discussions on how if you have bad training you might be prepared adequately for the celebrant world.
20.06 Marriage Celebrant Matters Autumn Newsletter – Debrief.
20.36 Sarah explains the different between the Commonwealth Attorney General Department and Births, Deaths and Marriages in each State and their roles.
23.22 Josh informed the appropriate people about the Electronic Transactions Act Commonwealth Legislation in regards to sighting ID over skype not physically.
26.10 The newsletter noted that a Factsheet was currently being created for celebrants in an electronic environment.
29.00 Discussions held on electronic signatures in the possible future – Pros & Cons.
31.00 Discussions on frauds in regard to adaptation of documents and our obligations as celebrants.
32.37 Finish Celebrant Matters Topics with the colour changes on the document.
34.16 VIC BDM RIO – Live 19th Feb.
39.00 RIO – Occupation Lists Discussions.
43.10 Discussions on QLD Systems in comparison and Josh’s input into the system.
47.00 The Frustrated State. Josh recommends book to read.
49.02 Going Full Time as a Celebrant: Member asked the question Josh & Sarah responded with their own personal stories. Josh – Brief explanation – No perfect way to do this just go out on fire. Story – May 2009 started no intention of going full time. 2012 Attended a wedding expo – Great Success – Pitch “If you book me this week I will MC your reception for free!” Focus on getting hours up. Started taking time off from work to do weddings increased. Decided to go full time as a Celebrant. Foundations – Tell your story authentically. Play the long game.
01.03.10 Sarah’s Story – Total Opposite walked in to do it full time. Inspired by another celebrant she saw. She it up the way she way she wanted it to end up. Had skill that she can work at all times of hours – Professional transcript typist. Made her available for wedding, funeral any day. First expo – 10 bookings. Priced it cheap to get runs on board. Got to a point where she had more celebrant work available. By default, it happened no time left for transcript work.
01.09.06 Refer back to member question – Budgeting as a Full time celebrant. Important to do your numbers and see what you need to survive and maintain your lifestyle and how many wedding that will take. If you have to cut costs can you diversify, funerals or training. Understand what full time means to you personally don’t be distracted by others term of this.
01.14.42 Josh’s methods of measuring his business. – Invoicing times and account receivable. Sarah Method is more based on number of wedding per year. Starting a business is the easiest part.
01.21.08 Member Question – How should one approach questions with their full time boss about reducing hours or taking time off for weddings without getting fired?
Answers: Depends on our relationship with your boss and how open you have been with them in regards to your plans. You might get to the point when you have to make a choice. Are there jobs in your skill set where you can reduce it to maybe 3 days a week? Every circumstance is different. Discussions on budgeting, money, paying bills personally and decisions they made throughout the process.
01.30.10 Wise note to finish – “You gotta know when to fold em”