A member asked for help with the Queensland BDM wanting more info on parents.

Here’s what I asked of the Queensland Attorney-General:

There is a discrepancy between advice provided by the Qld BDM and the Commonwealth Marriage Law and Celebrants Section of the Attorney-General’s office that I would like to raise with you today.

I’m hearing a number of stories from Queensland marriage celebrants, of parents being listed on the notice of intended marriage differently to the party’s birth certificate or not at all, and the Queensland Births Deaths and Marriages pushing back on the marrying celebrant and refusing to register the marriage because they can see the birth certificate in their own records, and they registrar knows there are parents listed, or different parents from what has been written on the NOIM.

I went on to explain that the information in the current Commonwealth Guidelines to the Marriage Act of 1961 states that parties should list their parents using the names as they know them by, and that we are not required to sight evidence of the parents’ names.

The AG has come back off holidays and responded, basically saying, touch cookies.

The registrar has the discretion to require further information and clarification.

I guess my advice would be that if you strongly believe that the request is unwarranted, then you can push back on the request, but I’d be looking for a reply from Sarah in the comments section soon.