Cass asks:

I’m marring a couple in October and one of them can’t find his birth certificate and he’s looked everywhere. He seems to think it can’t get posted to him in time to fill out the NOIM. He only has a passport and not a drivers license or proof of age. Is there any other form of ID he can use like Medicare or like proof of residency? Sorry, I tried looking it up and can’t quite figure out how to use other IDs on the NOIM?

Passport is literally all he needs. To recap, parties need to provide:
  • Evidence of their date and place of birth through a birth certificate, passport, or a stat dec (in exceptional cases only)
  • Evidence of their identity, most easily through a form of photo ID
Passport provides both of those things.
Parties do NOT need to provide more than one form of identification; I know there are some RTOs that are teaching you need to see two forms of ID, but that’s completely incorrect.
His passport alone is totally fine!
Also, he wouldn’t need to have his birth cert by the time you complete the NOIM, only by the date of the wedding; you can accept a NOIM without seeing the identity paperwork, as long as you see it before the wedding. It’s easier to do it all at once, but not required 🙂