Many celebrants don’t know the science and method behind choosing where to position their speaker in a ceremony. This video will take you through the basic elements of choosing where and why and how to position your speaker, and one thing I didn’t note in the recording is that you want it up on a speaker stand at standing head height, you need those audio waves to be able to reach everyone’s ears and if the speaker is on the ground, people past the first row will be struggling.

In summary:

  1. Put the speaker as far to the left or right as the walls/area allows, whilst still being able to be heard – so you can eliminate that high pitched feedback sound.
  2. Put the speaker so there’s not lots of bodies (60% full of water) in between the microphone and the speaker.
  3. Position the speaker so the visual of you – actual you – and the sound of you, are coming from a similar place. That is, don’t put your speaker at the back of the ceremony.
  4. Put your speaker on a stand so people past the first row have a fighting chance of being able to listen to clear audio.