A quick and easy weekend exercise for everyone today: read the front page of your website and your about page. Look at your recent social media posts and your bios on the networks.

Are you talking about the product or the user?

Successful brands talk about the user of their products. What kind of people they are, how the product makes their life better, and how they can lead a better life simply by giving you some money.

McDonalds doesn’t talk about the quantity and quality of it’s lettuce, or the food handling license the local council gives it.

Myer doesn’t talk about how the clothing purchasers are pushing a certain line because they got a good deal on it.

Pepsi and Coke aren’t talking about the sugar content or the health downsides of their drinks.

Qantas doesn’t have a photo of each pilot’s aviation license on their billboards.

But marriage celebrants spend vital seconds on their websites and social media talking about the boring and assumed elements of our job. Photos of marriage certificates, and long spiels about how we’re a Commonwealth authorised civil marriage celebrant licensed to marry people in Australia according to the Marriage Act of 1961.

Make your marketing not about you, but about how you can make peoples’ lives better.