Dee asks:

After reading the guidelines I’m after some clarification regarding a NOIM. One of my couples have unfortunately had to postpone their wedding. Am I right in thinking the below :
– If the wedding takes place with eighteen months of the NOIM being signed we can proceed
– If they proceed with a different date and celebrant we will need to transfer the NOIM to that celebrant
– After 18 months the NOIM is invalid and if they proceed we will need to fill out a new NOIM
At the moment, given that the wedding date is cancelled, I should retain the NOIM, but give my couple the above information?

Dee was almost spot on!
Yes, they have 18 months from the date the NOIM was lodged with a celebrant to get married.
If they proceed with a different date and celebrant, the original celebrant CAN transfer the NOIM to the new celebrant, or if the new celebrant is booked over a month away from the wedding, they can just do a new one. Then the original celebrant would destroy the one lodged with them after 18 months.
Yes, if they want to proceed with the original celebrant after 18 months from the date of lodgement of the original NOIM, they’ll need a new NOIM.
The original celebrant should definitely retain the NOIM (just because you never know when they might come back and say we want to get married tomorrow) until its 18 month validity runs out, then destroy it, even if you haven’t heard from them.
If they’re cancelling because they’ve broken up, hang on to the NOIM for the 18 months but don’t do anything unless they contact you. If they’re cancelling for another reason (sickness, money, etc), I would hang on to it and contact them 17 months after the date of lodgement just to remind them they’ve got a month left on the current one.