A celebrant asks:

I’m confused about a tick box on the NOIM with these words beside it “Authority for marriage despite late notice – not applicable”. It does not have an asterisk or dagger next to it for actioning (i.e. strike out words not required, or strike out if inapplicable). Can you advise when and what this should be actioned for please?

To be honest, I’m kind of confused about this box too.

I believe it’s connected to whether or not a shortening of time is granted or needed, but the words “not applicable” are pretty confusing. The Guidelines are silent on it and it’s something that has never been covered in any of the training or OPD I’ve done (even the compulsory OPD in 2015 that specifically focused on this version of the NOIM and shortenings of time didn’t mention it!) So I’ve ticked it if a shortening has been granted, but nobody has ever challenged me on it. I’ve checked with my training buddy and she thinks it’s nonsensical too. Ignore it!