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Marriage celebrants of all levels of experience can benefit from a refresher on the basic legal requirements of creating a legal marriage in Australia and a reminder of our obligations in creating such marriages. This topic is designed to work through the process of creating a legal marriage in Australia from start to finish, focusing on the bare minimum requirements from lodging the NOIM to registering the marriage and everything in between, and including a deep dive into completing the legal forms.

Available as a basics course, or an uncommon extras course, or bundled together.

Also included is the uncommon extras course which is designed to look at legal aspects of marriage in Australia that are not relevant for every marriage performed, aspects that many celebrants may only come across once or twice in their career, but that are important to be aware of just the same.


  • 3 hours, 39 minutes of videos
  • 5 hours, 44 minutes of text / 50 page and 31 page booklets
  • 5 document templates (Form 15, stat dec re date and place of birth, email to confirm notice, shortening letter of support, PMV letter of support)
  • Overview:
    • Introduction
    • Validity of the marriage
    • Documentation to be provided and sighted
    • Names used on marriage forms
    • Notice of Intended Marriage (deep dive into completion and correction of errors)
    • The definition of one month
    • Happily Ever Before and After
    • Relationship education
    • Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage (deep dive into completion and correction of errors)
    • The marriage ceremony (witnesses, Monitum, vows)
    • Marriage certificates (deep dive into completion and correction of errors – OCMs, Form 15, Record of Use)
    • Send documents to BDM to register the marriage
    • Marriage forms summary
    • Legal issues with the marriage (void marriages, s48 of the Marriage Act, offences)
    • Transferring the marriage (legalities and practicalities)
    • Prospective Marriage Visas
    • Involvement of others in marriage ceremonies (interpreters and co-piloting a ceremony)
    • Second marriages (handling requests where couple are already validly married, when there is doubt about the validity of the previous marriage, and second religious ceremonies following a civil one)
    • Shortening of time
    • Other marriage legalities (surprise wedding, too nervous to say vows, stat decs)

In purchasing this professional development subject you are purchasing access to the course for the lifetime of the Celebrant Institute offering it, so you can revisit it at any time. High-speed internet and headphones are recommended.