This topic is designed to look at legal aspects of marriage in Australia that are not relevant for every marriage performed, aspects that many celebrants may only come across once or twice in their career, but that are important to be aware of just the same.


  • 1 hour, 16 minutes of videos
  • 2 hours, 29 minutes of text / 31 page booklet
  • 2 document templates (shortening letter of support, PMV letter of support)
  • Overview:
    • Legal issues with the marriage (void marriages, s48 of the Marriage Act, offences)
    • Transferring the marriage (legalities and practicalities)
    • Prospective Marriage Visas
    • Involvement of others in marriage ceremonies (interpreters and co-piloting a ceremony)
    • Second marriages (handling requests where couple are already validly married, when there is doubt about the validity of the previous marriage, and second religious ceremonies following a civil one)
    • Shortening of time
    • Other marriage legalities (surprise wedding, too nervous to say vows, stat decs)

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