Social media is a powerful, simple, and accessible way to market your business, but so many of us don’t know what to do there. Kind of like working out, many of us don’t know the best exercises for us, or how to do them. So I’m writing a social media challenge for Celebrant Institute members.

Every four days from Monday a social media challenge will be posted, and of course it’s all voluntary (I’m not your mum), but it’s a prompt for you to create content aimed to brand you, sell you, and keep you top of mind for your community.

This challenge isn’t about starting on social media, if you need that kind of help reach out and let me know, this is about developing a daily habit of sharing your celebrancy story on social media.

It wouldn’t hurt if you had an active Instagram account, Facebook account, Youtube account, LinkedIn, and a blogging platform like Medium, or your own website’s blog. Make sure your accounts are all branded similarly with naming, logos, profile photos, all the same.

You can follow the challenge by following new posts here on the website, or on our social media accounts, or you can get an email every time a new challenge goes live by subscribing here.